Patterns are everywhere, they are be used for almost everything from website backgrounds to Phone cases or Bags design.

Patterns are consider an important medium of expression. As designer we should be able to find the right patterns for us, but keep in mind that sometimes just a plain seamless patterns is more than enough, focus on your very specific project in order to select whatever is best for your client.


1. 25 Seamless Pixel Patterns for Photoshop

25 incredibly versatile, easy to use patterns that make a brilliant addition to a plain background.

2. Black and White Floral

3. Hibiscus Stripe

4. X


6. For xxLynxx

Vector damask seamless pattern (.eps).

7. 1699

8. SockHop

9. Leaf Curls

Seamless leaf curl pattern. You can modify the colors, scaling and design.

10. Daisy Chain