New Client Questionnarie

Below are 20 questions prior to beginning a new logo design experience.

Also, many of these questions can be applied to other forms like print and web design, so feel free to integrate them into your answers.

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    Please provide us with your basic information:

    Company Name (required)

    Name of the person(s) in charge of the Project (required)

    Last Name of the person(s) in charge of the Project (required)

    Mail Address for the Project purposes "business cards and website contact information" (required)

    Phone, Fax of the companies and Mobile Numbers of the person(s) in charge of the Project (required)

    e-Mail Address for the Project purposes and to email quotes and proposals (required)

    Company-related questions:

    How would you describe your services and/or products? (required)

    What are the long term goals of your company? (required)

    Why do you want a new logo?

    I Already have one.I Don't have one.
    What do you want your new logo to accomplish?

    Who are your main competitors?

    How are you different from your competitors?

    What’s the age range of your target customer base?

    Project-related questions

    Do you have a tag line?

    If so, would you like it stated along side your logo?

    Do you have any specific imagery in mind for your logo?

    Do you have any color preferences, or existing brand colors?

    Do you have any colors that you do not wish to use?

    What adjectives should best describe your logo?

    What feeling or message do you want your logo to convey to those who view it?

    How do you prefer your logo to be worded or written out?

    Example: thedesigncubiclethe design cubicle

    How would you like the typography to appear?

    Example: scriptboldhand drawncustom lettering

    Where will you logo be used?


    Where will your logo primarily be used?

    What’s your preferred deadline, time frame or exact date of completion?


    Would you like any addition design services to be packaged with your new logo?

    business cardsenvelopsletterheads

    What logos appeal to you and why?