About dimensions:
✓Portarit Orientation16% hotizontal and only 3% square
✓Widths of 600-1200px20% 600-700px  |  15% uses 800-1100px  |  3%110-1200px
✓Heights greater than 500012% 1000-1200px  |  15% 1500-2000px  |  22%  +5000px
✓Use 1:4 as width to height ratio is the most used one
✓There is NO Standardif you are looking for a starting guide use 600-1800px
and grow your height from there!
✓Design smaller infographicsits more shareable and easy to handle
on social media and mobile devices
✓Concetrate in your tragetmanage the information based in your audience
✓Be Smart
Be creative and innovate