Mission, Knowledge and Accomplishments


Create and lead creative projects from start to finish (conceptualize, design and develop). To ensure the success of all my creative projects, I concentrate on the brand itself. My projects are functional, graphically exciting, and compliant with client’s requests and times. My primary goal is that all final projects effectively deliver my client’s messages to it’s markets



✓ Founder of a Creative Marketing and Web Designer Group.
✓ Formulated an inclusive design manual reference guide with many design templates
✓ Designed and implemented an Illustration art projects for companies like PROVITA and Camara Mundi CA



✓ Ability to formulate strategies, make decisions, plan with confidence and execute, having a quick grasp of the cutting edge technologies
✓ Planned and directed all functions of the company – Enforced strong leadership skills to ensure efficient/effective utilization of corporate resources
✓ Established and integrated the functional strategies of the company utilizing business expertise to reach financial/operational goals and objectives.
✓ Deployed resources to achieve financial forecast and business objectives
✓ Record of success in guiding and directing an ABC enterprise through substantial change management, balancing engagement with strong and effective strategic leadership.
✓ Developed sales and marketing plans and programs for company sales personnel.
✓ Analyzed market trends and statistics to determine potential of growth – monitored sales performance regularly



I have knowledge of Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDraw, Freehand, InDesing, Dreamweaver, WordPress among others design programs. My specialties are in logos, imagotypes, and corporative images, including signaling and iconographies. I manage Wordpress Web Pages, adapting avery themplate to the customer needs and best performance.


My Skills:

Cross-functional team management experience
Experience cooperating and working with cross company Executives
Leadership and charisma
Excellent organizational, presentation and negotiation skills.
Ability to design strategies and observe performance metrics
Active Listening
Active Learning
Time Management